T-BOMA at a Glance

Trenton-BOMA (or T-BOMA) is a pharmaceutical distribution company founded in Hong Kong in the year 2000 by a team of experienced professionals. We specialize in the distribution and marketing of 1st to market generics and bio-pharmaceuticals. As a widely recognized pharmaceutical distribution company in Hong Kong, our products are sold and distributed to dispensing doctors, pharmacies, drugstores, and public and private hospitals. Our company is devoted to providing the best service and quality products to our customers through our team of dedicated and passionate professionals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make health affordable and accessible to more of the Hong Kong population by modernizing the supply chain of health care products. Our approach towards optimizing the supply chain management is by focusing on balance. Creating a balance in interest between our suppliers, our customers and ourselves enables our company to achieve a situation where all parties can benefit positively, and at the same time, allow patients to afford the best products available in the market.

We also hope to equally divide our attention on the various professional aspects of pharmaceutical distribution, including product development, regulatory affairs, information technology, logistics, financial management, sales and marketing, to ensure that all of our partners can make informed and efficient decisions.